about us


Adv.41 started  in 2017 in a small home based screen printing shop.  Initially we were just making off grid style apparel and looking for new opportunities in the vehicle expedition market.  Julian, the founder of ADV.41, already had a lot of experience in the aftermarket automotive industry and started looking at getting back into the industry focusing solely on his passion of travelling to seek new adventures and memories.  Since roof top tents were becoming more and more popular, he started looking for the perfect tent to be able to get off the grid, but he needed something that could also get him out in the violent Quebec winters.  As he searched, he was continuously coming up with options that couldn't really meet his needs.  Fed up of his searches he started looking at manufacturing his own brand of roof top tents. While his search for the proper materials and manufacturers was taking place, he came across a fantastic Canadian company called Treeline Outdoors.  Immediately Julian knew that Treeline Outdoors was exactly what he was looking for.  Out to Alberta he went to meet the team and pick up his tent.  Having had so much trouble finding a real Canadian tent he wanted to bring Treeline to Quebec for all those people looking for the right product for a winter expedition. Thanks to the amazing team of people at Treeline Outdoors, they helped him make this happen.  ADV.41 became the Quebec and East Coast distributor for Treeline Outdoors and quickly brought in a few other important product lines that Julian felt were great products after using and testing them out in the field.  Dometic and Goal Zero have some very durable and important products that no vehicle going out in the bush should be without.  As time goes on Adv.41continues to grow and test numerous products in the field to see how they cope in different elements to see if they are good enough for the harshest of climates.  ADV.41 continues to add to their product line as they approve the products they carry.